Legal Drafting in English (with example!)

Drafting is an important feature of legal practice. It is a skill needed to be mastered by a lawyer to achieve a successful career. The person drafting needs to have an adequate knowledge on grammar and keep his writing.

Becoming proficient in drafting requires hard work and practice. A legal draft with the correct format can assist application to a civil or criminal court starting from plaint to applying for orders in the middle of the proceedings.

Usually there are 10 parts of a draft which is to be maintained chronologically. Following is the basic structure of a legal draft for a civil case: ‌

  1. Name of the Court where you are submitting your application.
  2. Number of the case and its date ‌Name, father’s name, location of the plaintiff ‌
  3. Name father’s name, location of the defendant ‌
  4. Cause Title ‌Description of your claim, one by one. ‌
  5. Prayers or request for your desired relief. ‌
  6. Schedule of Property (If the subject matter is land related)
  7. ‌Affidavit ‌
  8. Signature of the Deponent
  9. ‌Signature of the Advocate and seal.

Below is a petition for Attachment before Judgment, hand written by me for your understanding:

The legal draft above has been specially prepared for the Written examinees of Bangladesh Bar Council Enrolment Exam 2017. I myself is at a learning stage but tried my level best to present you a sample. Hence, any kind of error must be seen from a merciful perspective.